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środa, 4 kwietnia 2012

Danish traditions that make no sense (and vegan, glutenfree "frikadeller")

I wrote this yesterday, but since my phone wouldn't connect with my computer, I couldn't post it till today. So there are a few inconsistencies with the dates.

Z, I'm sorry for not writing on here. I've been too busy to collect my thoughts. But I'm busy in a good
way, I'm doing really good. I got your email yesterday, and I'll write a more personal reply today or tomorrow.

The thing about Denmark is that we see every holiday as a possibility to drink, drink, drink and eat. You know about all the crazy stuff with Christmas, so I thought I would show you how we celebrate Easter in Denmark. I bet it's different from Poland!

First of all, no one goes to church. We have all these Christian holidays, and people get baptized and stuff, but only a few people are religious. None the less, most people are off school and work this week!

And just like Christmas parties, we have Easter parties too! It doesn't have anything to do with Jesus. I guess it's more a way to celebrate spring. Some people put up Easter decorations, usually consisting of the odd chicken and eggs. Maybe an Easter bunny or two. An Easter party is a party during/around Easter, where you go eat food and drink beer and snaps. That is what I'm doing tonight. We might go to a show as well, a really nice band is playing Loppen. I'm going to so many shows these days, it's crazy! Too many good shows, too little time.

It's a potluck, so I'm bringing vegan "vegedeler", which are basically vegan patties, a spicy cucumber salad and of course rye bread. I went all out and paid 30 kr. for the bakery kind. Yeah, I just got paid ;)

Since you're not here eat the food, I'm gonna post some pictures and a rough recipe!

Glutenfree Vegedeller
My number one tip for any kind of patties is: Never use wheat flour!! Use rice flour, chickpea flour, hell even potato starch does the trick. The wheat flour is not starchy enough, so you'll have to use a lot and this can really ruin the flavour. Plus the patties get too heavy. So these patties are not only vegan but also glutenfree

You can use lentils for this, but I got this trick from a guy from Ungdomshuset and I must say I love it!

Soak soy minced "meat" in hot water. Add some spices to the water.
Drain the minced soy and put it in a bowl.
Shred some carrots or any other veggie you prefer.

Chop onions and garlic and fry them on a pan with some spices

Mix everything with spices and rice flour
When you can form a patty and you can throw it back and forth a bit while it still keeps the shape, the "dough" is done! If it's too dry, add soymilk. If the patty falls apart, add more flour.

Form patties and fry them on a pan.
Serve hot or cold. You can pretty much serve this with anything, depending on which spices you pick.

Spicy Danish Cucumber Salad
Cut a cucumber into thin slices
Mix vinegar, salt and sugar in a plastic box or a jar
Add the cucumbers, finely chopped chili (fresh or dried) and pepper corns.
Shake well!
Let it rest for a couple of hours in the fridge and serve

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